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Recruitment is now CLOSED

If you would like to join the clan, please start by visiting our forum and making sure you've read and understood our Rules to join.

Once you have done this, and Recruitment is open, you may then fill the Join Young And Old Boys form.

Have you been banned but you think is wrong? Complete the form here: Complaints

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How to Apply to join us.

To make a new joining application you cant post as usual like a forum post but you need to fill this form:

post will


Posted by Teo September 09, 2013  Comments [0]


Hello all and welcome to our website. Here you can apply for a trial to get into the number 1 SoF2 & Cod4 Clan.

Important to read all the rules under this post and accept them before you post to apply to join


Posted by Teo July 13, 2011  Comments [0]

NEW @ Sounds V.4

1 Call for reinforcements
101 Ya Ya Ya just just Wait
102 go away!
103 dude whats going on
104 HELP!
105 no, NOOOO
106 RUN
107 lol
108 hello
109 Ha great shot
110 behind you
111 Ahh SHUTUP
112 I don't remember askin you a


Posted by Smith April 17, 2010  Comments [29]