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Hello all and welcome to our website. Here you can apply for a trial to get into the number 1 SoF2 & Cod4 Clan.

Important to read all the rules under this post and accept them before you post to apply to join this clan

Many Thanks


Before you post:
1. Do not LIE
2. Do not advertise on this forum.
3. Respect admins and clan members.
4. Do not break any laws.
5. Do not break any copyrights.
6. Do not post anything illegal.
7. Your posts can be removed without asking you...

Rules to join clan:
- Register on the forum before posting!
- Read all the rules before you make a thread to join!
- Respect the clan and the rules!
- Follow the rules!
- Don't reply in other threads but your own!
- Never lie!
- Do not cheat!
- Not allowed in any other clan whilst in ours!
- Do not join so you can get admin powers!
- Only make one post! and keep to that post. Dont make a 2nd post!
- Do not ask us if you can remove REC. We will do that in our own time, when we think you are ready to be clan. We will inform you the moment we made a decision. We will post in your joining thread when your recruitment period is over so please check there for your answer.

- Fill out the form: Joining Application

A post will be generated automatically in the "Joining Board" of this forum and you will get an email to your registered email address.

check the Joining Board of the forum to monitor the voting process. Once the decision is taken, in addition you will get another email containing the verdict.


- also if possible please find your name at our server at gametracker and paste link with your application for us to see how much time u have spent at server to date.

Read this tutorial: How To Add A GameTracker Banner


- Only Leaders can vote. and they will vote by a + or a - vote
- You need, at least, 4 + votes to get in the clan (the amount of positives votes can vary depending on the Leaders activity)! If you get a - vote, one + vote doesn't count anymore.

For example:
3 + votes and 3 - votes = 0 + votes OUT
5 + votes and 1 - vote = 4 + votes REC PERIOD
6 + votes and 0 - votes = 6 + votes REC PERIOD

- If you get 4 or more + votes, you will become a recruit! During the following 2 weeks, you will have to have *REC behind your name! (not R, RE, _REC, [REC], REC but *REC). After about 2 weeks (the period depends exclusively on the YOB Leaders), the ldrs of the clan will decide if you can really be part of the clan! And when a ldr tells you, you can remove *REC and you are really a part of our community!
- Do not ask if you can remove *REC, we will do that in our time and will inform you when you can remove it.


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