Signature Of The month Rules


Tue Sep 04, 2012 4:52 pm
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1. the signature must be your own creation (means using graphics programs to create, paint is sufficient) a copied image will be disqualified.

2. The signature must be a 'signature'. this means that the name must be specified in it.

3. The image size must not exceed 500x150 pixel, is a signature should not be a poster.

4. Pornographic images or any form of racism are not accepted. entering one of these means the ban of the account at site.

5. All registered users can take part the competition. To participate simply enter your signature image as post in SOTM Entries forum during the period from the first of the month to the 20th of the same month. the last 10 days of the month will be used for voting.

6. Is allowed only one thread for signature, any changes must be below the original post. Only one entry per month, the definitive sig will be the last published in the valid period.

7. Voting begins on the 20th of each month in SOTM Votes forum, you will see that you can give a vote.

8. Who received the most votes at the end of the calendar month wins. You can cast one vote per month (choose well!). The winning sig image will be published at the end of the forum index for 1 month and in the SOTM Winners forum.

9. To enter the image you can use the 'Add image to post' below within the text area or the [img] .... [/img] BBcode in this case, it means that you have uploaded to another site, such as: copying the link inside the BBcode. Do not upload files because site will slow down.

have fun and show your graphic skill!
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