Wed Jul 13, 2011 12:24 pm
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    - If you are going to be inactive we would like you to post on the forum explaining the situation with dates on when you are leaving and when you will return, keeping us updated of any changes that may occur.

    - If for any reason you can't post on the forum please do your best to let a Leader know.

If the above rule isn't followed then this is how it will be dealt with:

    - If we are not informed and you are not seen on the server or forum for more then a MONTH you will be automatically kicked from the clan. No if's or but's!

    - If you have been inactive for months without informing anyone then please do not come on the server and assume you are still a member, because you are not.

    - If you do come on the server wearing the tags you will be asked to remove them, and asked to take the necessary steps to become a member again if you so wish.

    - If you refuse to remove the tags the consequence will be a ban.

    - If you believe a mistake has been made and you would like to query the decision you are welcome to post your concerns on the forum but if the above rule hasn't been followed then your removal from the clan remains valid.

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