Wed Jul 13, 2011 12:22 pm
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- RESPECT and follow the rules.
- RESPECT (the rest of) the clan and other players.
- Do not cheat. (if you are found cheating, you will be banned without warning)
- Do not lie.
- Do not swear. (cancer, aids etc etc etc)
- Do not discriminate.
- Do not spam.
- Speak English on the server and on the forum.
- Listen to admins.
- Do not advertise at this forum.
- Do not break any copyrights.
- Do not break any laws.
- Do not post anything illegal.
- Your post can be removed without asking you.
- No whining at the server.
- Do not abuse the Binds with Repeated Sounds


- The highest admin on server controls the server.
(high to low: sysop, sadmin, admin, badmin, clan)
- Always wear your tag! (only sysops may go undercover)
- No multi clan!
- Be active or we might kick you out of the clan! If you have got a good reason, post it in forum!
- Do not join the clan for Admin purposes
- Do not let others use your name ingame or on forum. Your name is only for you. If you are playing with someone else behind the computer, please switch names when you switch places.
- Every admin must check the forum at least once (1 time) a week, unless a good reason is given in the inactivity board. Failure to do so will mean a demotion to clan.

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Sat Feb 01, 2014 7:14 pm
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Hi all!

I don't like it that i've to write the following message, but based on some info that reached me last days I just have to do it.

I noticed some have behavior issues. I want to ask all of you to follow all the rules. Especially those:

- Respect members and other players
- Do not discriminate
- Speak english
- Listen to admins
- No whining at the server

When a non-member doesn't follow the rules he will be muted, kicked or even banned.

When a member doesn't follow the rules he will be demoted (if possible), kicked out the clan or even banned.

If you see somebody disbehave, plz make a screenshot, or more if you have to, and send it to one of the leaders in a PM (here or at facebook). We will make sure that appropriate measures will be taken.

Thnx for your collaboration!

@401 all!
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