GFX work (avatars/sigs) past 3/4 weeks


Wed Dec 01, 2010 4:34 pm
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K i was tired of not using it so reinstalled it and created 1 fragment (that was shifting for other looks) from a pentool guide below.

here are the images, i used cenematic since it was the only one that fit the rest looked rubbish. (was at my job so i didnt have better then ps7 available and also i used a mouse ma tablet = sad, last i didnt redraw it)





i said that i was going to take tutorials... but didnt found any good one yet.

made a quick render added text... done,
name Ghost Tomoki.

its a person from the anime:
Sora no otoshimono
or in full hiragana (no Katakana/Kanji)

Full size:

sig size:

C&C or sum if u want im off to bed /atleast happy i can create sumthing even if its drasticly worse (creating drawings like 6-9 months ago...)

purchased a laptop 2 days ago... wanted to start imediatly but shit to install yesterday my tablet was raping me so that didnt work either now, i made some shit in 2-3hours (didnt know which way to apply the shades.) with ma mouse and used the render outline with the pentool (anime style ofc) gray bg... smudge tool brush black n white and dodge/burn tool.

yeah i try non anime shit recently too... though its my real style.

as normal i start with ma render/wire frame -> final v.





V3 render(unhardshaded):

V3 render:

Wed Dec 01, 2010 4:58 pm
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