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- Do not ask for admin
- Do not want admin for the power!
- Do not abuse admin power (we will take it away)
- If you think you see a cheater, tell the highest admin online (on server or on msn)
- The highest admin on server, controls the server! he/she is responsible!
- Do not use your admin power, if you are not sure!
- If you see a clan member cheat, frap him/her and first show it to a sysop/ldr! He will tell you what to do!

- (badmin and higher) if someone isn’t speaking English, warn first! If the person doesn’t listen to the warning, you may mute the person. After 2 minutes you unmute and tell him/her again to speak English! if the person doesn’t listen then, you may mute and keep the person muted!
(for higher admins, after unmuting and warning again, if the person still doesn’t listen, you may kick the person)

- (admin) if you see a cheater and no higher admin is present, go to msn to see if one is present there! If not, you may kick the person of the server! But only if you have specced that person for more then 5 minutes and are 200% sure it is cheating!

- (sadmin) if you see a cheater, you should make sure a other admin (badmin, admin, sadmin) is speccing with you! if you are alone, specc for at least 5 minutes and make sure you are 200% sure before banning the person!

Tips for admins:

- Try to get fraps. It is a program to make a video of ppl you specc! That way you can show to the clan that someone is cheating! (ask a admin if he can provide fraps for you)
- If you would like to get admin, do not ask for it! Prove us (ldr’s) that you can handle (higher) admin! And remember, we do go undercover to see how admins do their job!

You can prove it by making sure the rules are followed by everyone on the server, and by helping to find cheaters! (But before saying someone is a cheater, specc first!)

(If you would like to learn how you can recognize cheaters, try watching some movies on youtube or on forum! (for youtube, try searching for “sof2 wh” or “sof2 cheating” and do not forget to look at the comments, there you can read if it is really wh or a other cheat))
(if you want to learn more about how to recognize cheaters, send a pm to (Old Boys) Hurt)

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