Use of the empty CoD4 Server
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#1: No icon Use of the empty CoD4 Server Author: DrDorian PostPosted: Sat Oct 25, 2014 7:07 pm
Hi Guys !!

first i want to introduce me:
my name is Steve but most call me with my ingame name "Dr.Dorian" or just " Dorian" ^^. I'm a new member and got at least one thing which I'd like to discuss :)

thanks in advance !

So what I'd like talk about is the CoD4 server which is most times empty. When we could make it that more ppl are on the server, it's running itself. What I'd like to say is that we could use this server for let's say for Trainings sessions or internal matches and tournaments.
If so, ppl see that there are ppl on the server and will join it. So its running itself as said before ^^

I really hope that we can match up some ppl here and have some fun!! :D

best wishes

Dorian Smile

(Old Boys)And(Young Boys)Clan -> Suggestions

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